Used Cameras

Nothing inspires you to create beautiful pictures quite like a high quality film camera. Come to Zacks Camera Repair for that high-end camera you always wished you had or that antique camera that fascinates you or simply a nice SLR at a much better price than buying a new camera. All of our used cameras have been completely reconditioned and carry a 90-day warranty.

Below are some of the used cameras we currently have for sale. For more information, or to purchase any of these cameras, please contact us.

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Pentax Stereo Adapter Set

Description:  Boxed set to make stereo pair images on full frame (film). With viewer to see the 3D effect. Great fun and nice and clean. Viewer is earlier model from the packaging and adapter.

Inventory Number: Z1161


Price: $65

  Panasonic ZS-50

Description: Compact, travel sized, 12 megapixel, silver colored digital camera. 30X optical zoom, and macro to only inches away. Choose program, aperture preferred, shutter preferred, or manual modes. Auto focus or manual focus! Quite a camera. Includes box, cord, battery, instructions, CD, AC adapter, strap and case.

Inventory Number:  Z1154

Price: $195