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Dear Michael,

I want to thank you for all the amazing work you have done on the cameras I sent you. You clearly are very skilled and very thorough with your work which is hard to find nowadays. You have a new loyal customer and I will definitely refer you to anyone in need of camera repairs. Thank you.


Hi Michael,

Beautiful work on the camera! It’s quite a gem. Many, many thanks.

Kind regards,

Michael, I just got the cameras and I am elated to see how amazingly crystal clear the rangefinders and viewfinders are!! I’ve loaded them with film and taken a few shots with them. I’m going to the beach for Labor Day weekend and will take a lot of shots there. Thanks so much for CLA’ding them. The other three cameras are on there way to you now.

Michael, the lens looks perfect to me. It should take incredible pictures. You did an awesome job! Thanks so much!

Greetings Michael Zacks

Thanks for the beautiful work on the Zettor shutter. It arrived here on Tuesday 22 August in good order and well packaged. You were right. It needs a long throw release. I spent Wednesday trying to graft the Zettor + Imagon 420mm lens onto a lens board that’s smaller than the shutter. I finally succeed after the usual challenging work-arounds.

You say “We Do The Impossible” and it seems to be the case. Now you may become the repairer of last resort ; no easy jobs only tough ones!

Thanks again and Best Regards
Brisbane, Austrailia

Hi Michael.. just wanted to let you know that the Pen W showed up mid-last week. Despite the terrible weather, I managed to eek out a test roll. I love this thing! Thanks again for looking after it.. Cale

Hi Mike –

The Werra arrived just now. Very nice! The viewfinder/rangefinder is nice and bright, the self-timer works, and the coupled meter is coupled. You do nice work. I marvel that the CZ engineers could engineer such a nice package, although it’d be nicer without the EV interlock. I have the camera, the lens hood, the 100 mm tele and the 35 mm Flektagon. Ever ready cases are out there to complete the outfit.

BTW, your packaging of the camera is well considered. USPS for whatever reason left the package on our front walk, just 30 feet from our covered porch where there would have been no worry about rain. Since you used zip lock bags, wrapped in bubble wrap the package probably would have survived up to total immersion, but why did the USPS leave it on the walk??

It’s been a pleasure dealing with you. I’ll mention your good work in the forums I follow.


Thanks Michael! You’ve blown me away again with your repair and refurbishment skills!

My local camera club is having a photo outing event this coming weekend. All the members are totally digital in their focus, so I’m going to load up the Speedex with some film and shoot some frames for our “Show me your Pictures” slide show at one of our monthly meetings. I am sure the camera will do a wonderful job at what it’s supposed to do, but my concern is whether my skills will match its ability and let me produce some decent photos suitable for showing.

Thanks Again!

An inquiry on about service sources for a Petri 7s camera got a response from a member that Zacks Camera Repair, an sponsor, might be able to provide repair services on such an old and not so valuable a camera. I contacted them and received a prompt reply from Michael that indeed, they could service the camera. The service included a complete CLA, repair of a loose rangefinder mirror, and tightening of a wobbly filter ring and selenium cell assembly. The camera was returned in better than a reasonable time and looked great! More importantly, it now felt like a new camera – every control was precise and pleasantly tight. I was so impressed that I have since sent three more vintage cameras to Zacks Camera for complete CLA service (Canonet 28, two Minolta SLRs). They all were returned in a very reasonable time frame, at very reasonable prices for the work involved, and all looked and performed beautifully after their visit with Zacks Camera Repair. I would recommend Zacks Camera to anyone who needs service on their cameras – most especially the older film cameras that will most surely need a Zacks Camera Repair CLA to be as good as they can be.


“As close as your mailman”

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