Camera Repairs

Once we have determined what needs to be done to put your camera in top-notch condition, we refurbish, align, or replace parts as necessary. Sometimes manufacturer’s replacement parts are available. Sometimes new parts must be made from scratch in our workshop. Machining, fitting, and placement often require special tools, including some intended for jewelers, dentists, surgeons, or other high-precision skills.

Once we’ve repaired the problem(s), we’re not done. Putting the camera back together, we need to verify that all systems are properly aligned and functioning:

A slide show of repairs

  • the lens focus is correct,
  • the aperture is properly calibrated,
  • the shutter timing is accurate,
  • all exterior controls do what they’re supposed to,
  • all electronic components are powered up and functioning,
  • there are no light leaks, and
  • any cosmetic issues are dealt with.

A repairer who is also a photographer has a real advantage in knowing how user requirements affect the mechanics/electronics of the camera’s function. Not many repair shops can do as good a job of translating between those two ways of thinking about the camera.

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