The Repair Process

If your camera needs repair, you may either bring it to our shop in person or mail it to us. Before shipping your camera to us for repairs, please contact us so that we can discuss the problem and determine whether it is a camera we work on and a problem we may be able to repair. Please see below for the form to include with your camera.

Once your camera is in our hands we will:

1. inspect it to determine the extent of the repairs needed,
2. communicate with you to give you our estimate of the repair cost, and
3. ask you whether you want us to continue with the repair or return it to you as it was when you sent it to us.

If you decide to continue with the repair, we will repair, clean, lubricate, and adjust your camera, and notify you when it is finished. You may then pick it up at our shop or we will ship it back to you at our cost.

Once we look at your camera, if we determine it isn’t possible to repair it either because parts simply aren’t available, or because the damage is so extensive that it would cost more to fix it than the value of the camera, we will describe the situation and let you decide how to proceed. If you decide not to continue with the repair, we will only charge you a diagnostic fee of $30 for film cameras or $50 for digital cameras to cover our time in evaluating it. As soon as we receive payment, you may pick your camera up at our shop or we will ship it back to you at our cost.

If you do decide to continue with the repair, we will notify you when your camera is ready. The repair fee is due and payable at that time. When we receive your payment, you may pick up your camera at our shop or we will ship it to you within 1 business day. If we receive no payment within 30 days, we will notify you again and begin charging you a storage charge of $10 per month. If we have received no payment and have not heard from you by the end of 90 days, we will assume you no longer want the item, and we are free to sell it and use the proceeds to cover the cost of the repair and any storage fees.

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